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I trust the company. My experience with btc mining was positive, so I decided to buy LTC contract, although a lot of miners say that it’s unprofitable. But nothing ventured, nothing gained))


I want to note their customer support - they solved my problems in few hours. The cabinet also is good. I don’t know for sure whether it a scam or not, but for the moment everything is OK. Only time will tell.

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Sun Mining Advantages And Terms

What Is Sun Mining?

The Sun Mining is a cloud mining platform that offers users a place to purchase hashing power for mining cryptocurrencies. It provides mining hardware, mining pool as well as other services like networking that are related to cryptocurrency mining. The service uses hardware mining technologies of the popular providers like Spondoolies, Nvidia, Bitfury and Bitmain.

Sun Mining offers one year contracts to mine Bitcoin and two years contracts for Litecoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. The company uses equipment runs on SHA-256 algorithm for mining Bitcoin, ETHASH for mining Ethereum and Scrypt for LiteCoin.

Advantages Of Sun Mining Service

  1. Sun Mining doesn’t charge transaction fees. All maintenance fees are included in the cost of the contract.
  2. The buying process is very simple. The users can buy hashpower in two clicks.
  3. Once you register on the website, you are eligible for a demo account with $10,000 virtual money for practicing.
  4. Sun Mining cooperates directly with companies which produce mining equipment. It helps to save money on payment for the middlemen.
  5. The mining equipment are all powered by solar energy and thus making it environmental friendly. You can be sure that the systems will not be interrupted by malfunctions from the power grids.
  6. By using a Sun Mining cloud service, you are able to make profits without buying an expensive hardware or software, setting them up, running the mining operations and bearing the maintenance cost.

Sun Mining Prices And Minimum Deposits

To ensure maximum Sun Mining profitability the service offers different subscription plans for each of the cryptocurrencies that is mined on the website. Each cloud mining plan has fixed price that depends on the amount of the hashrate:

1. Bitcoin Mining

Beginners can start Bitcoin mining from the Ultra Light plan that offers 100 GH/s for $18. Experienced miners can choose between Easy, Relax and Sale plans. The more hashpower you buy, the cheaper it costs per 1 GH/s. However, miners can also choose to customize their hashrate from 100 GH/s up to 300,000 GH/s.

The Sun Mining service offers Bitcoin PRO contracts for 3 years terms. The average income starts from $1500 per month under the contract.

2. Ethereum Mining

Ethereum mining contracts start from $21 per 1 MH/s. The investors can expect a profit of $2.1 per month. The hashpower of 100 MH/s will generate a monthly income of $215.

3. Litecoin Mining

The Litecoin miners will find 2-year contracts from $8 per 1000 KH/s. The capacity of 100 000 KH/s costs $750 and will make a profit up to $60 per month.

How To Sign Up And Get Started

The Sun Mining registration process is very simple. To start mining you need to sign up and provide your e-wallet. Click on the button at the top right corner of the website to create an account . You’ll be directed to the page where you should provide your email address and set the password. After that, you will receive a link to activate your account via the email address you provided. Once you click on the confirmation link, you will be directed to your Sun Mining dashboard showing hashrate and profitability of all the plans.

To get started, you should go to the “My wallet” section and provide an address of your personal e-wallets for each of the cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. If you don’t have a personal e-wallet for these cryptocurrencies, you can click the links at the bottom of the page to create wallets. After confirming wallet addresses you can go ahead and make your first payments.

Is Sun Mining Profitable?

The service produced contracts optimized in prices and the amount of capacity. Before buying the hashing power you may calculate an average revenue of your investments. Use the Sun Mining calculator on the “Purchase capacity” page to figure out the profit you can expect. Select the package you want to buy and the system will show you an annual income of the contract.

For instance, one-year BTC cloud mining contract with a capacity of 1000 GH/s will generate an income of about 323 USD.
Sun Mining allows to suspend contract to wait a better profitability. The contract validity will be prolonged for the suspension time.

How To Make A Withdrawal

The Sun Cloud Mining contracts are irrevocable and run for the specified period after making a payment . During the period of the contract, you are guaranteed of receiving payment on a daily basis. The funds are transferred to your personal e-wallet, it takes a maximum of 24 hours. If you have not provided the address of your personal wallet, the funds are accumulated in your personal Sun Mining account until you specify the wallet.

The company charges a withdrawal commission of 0.001 BTC for Bitcoin wallets and 0,01 coins for other currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

Sun Mining Referral Program

The service invites users to take part in the Sun Mining affiliate program to develop the service and make more money by attracting new users. After a registration each customer gets an affiliate link. Every new user who used the link to register on the website is a potential referral. If your friend buy a hashpower you’ll get a commission or an additional capacity. The referral program has two packages: Standard and Freedom. For the first one the commission is 15%, while for the second one is 30%.

The packages divided into two levels. The first level is the users you have attracted, the second is the partners of your attracted friends. According to the Standard package, you’ll get 10% for the 1-level users and 5% for 2-level referrals. Freedom package gets you 20% for the first ones and additional 10% for the second ones.


Sun Mining provides a user friendly interface which makes the service easy even for beginners. The company offers great plans with guaranteed monthly profits meaning once you invest in a contract, you are guaranteed of getting a certain amount of money at the end of the month.