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Nice website, amazing promises, and helpful customer support. Just made my first order here and I'm sure that the future profits will be the same as I expect


I like how everything works here. Made my first investment recently and tested withdrawal already. I also like the affiliate program, it's actually a nice extra opportunity.

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Among all the things related to cryptocurrencies, cloud mining takes special place. The thing is that it is probably the only way to benefit on crypto market without actually buying expensive mining hardware, maintaining it, paying for electricity, or taking all the risks associated with trading in this extremely volatile conditions. At the same time, many people unfairly think that it is nothing else but another Ponzi scheme.

The thing is that cloud mining is simply a new form of investment. It means buying a share of the computing power, provided by an external company, and gaining the respective part of the future income. This is relatively risk-free and, what is even more important, affordable for anyone.

World mining service review

There are countless companies in the cloud mining industry. Some of them are well-known and reliable while the others are scams that will disappear after collecting enough money from hopeful investors.

Is World Mining Legit?

World Mining is a cloud mining company with the mining centers located in Northern Ireland. Its head office is registered in London and its physical address is given on the company’s website, which is quite a positive sign. This means that World Mining complies with British legal standards. Apart from the address and other information, the company also provides its certificate of incorporation openly.

World Mining was founded in 2017. Of course, it is not one of the pioneers in the industry, however, it is not a disadvantage. After all, it arose right on the peak of the cryptocurrencies craze, when it was already very hard to stand out. And the fact that it managed to do that says a lot.

Now, the company offers cloud mining contracts for Bitcoin and its most popular forks that use different powerful algorithms. The founders claim that World Mining started as a private mining project they planned to use themselves but it changed focus and grew rapidly to what it is now.

What Does It Offer?

World Mining provides five cloud mining servers with different levels of computing power and speed. They are (in the order of increasing power):

  • Server S1 (Antminer S5)
  • Server S2 (Avalon 6)
  • Server S3 (Antminer S7)
  • Server S4 (Antminer R4)
  • Server S5 (Antminer S9)

In all cases, 1 Gh/s will cost you $0.15. You may rent a share in any of these servers for 9-12 months. The profits accrue from day to day, and you may withdraw your earnings every business day in dollar equivalent. The withdrawal requests are typically processed in 24 hours.

Word Mining provides dollar withdrawals to the benefit of its customers. Because Bitcoin is extremely volatile, the company claims that dollar withdrawals are more risk-free and it prefers leaving exchange rate speculations to professional traders, staying true to its mission.

How Big Is Promised World Mining Profit?

In case of cloud mining, profit depends on the amount of your investment, time span, mining servers capacity, the cryptocoins you mine, exchange rate, and many other things, so it is extremely hard (if possible at all) to predict it with decent accuracy.

At World Mining, estimated future profits depend on the server you choose.

For example, World Mining ROI for its most powerful Server S5 is approximately 390% for the whole investment period. The profitability of other servers is 324%, 328%, 289%, and 329%. Daily profits range from 0.9 to 1.5%.

Just like in case of all other similar companies, World Mining fees cover the electricity costs and mining equipment maintenance. Of course, part of fees goes to the company itself for its service, staff’s salaries, and so on.

There are several tools that may help you estimate your possible earnings. You may use any available Bitcoin calculator, entering the respective values from your contract there, and deducting fees from the result. You may also use World Mining profit calculator, provided on the company’s homepage.

Final Word

At this point, we may say that World Mining looks quite promising and reliable, despite its young age. It is legit, for sure, and it actually delivers its promises, based on its customers’ feedback. Its future depends on the number of new investors it will be able to attract and, of course, on the Bitcoin and crypto market. And it looks like this future is bright.