IQ Mining

IQ Mining Review


IQ Mining Overview

Supported Coins
Payment solutions
  • Bitcoin
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Zcash
  • Litecoin
Equipment Market
Working since
Company Location
London, UK

Bitcoin (SHA-256)

Mining Currency
per 1000 GH/s
Predictable profit
Mining algoritm
Min. mining power
1000 GH/s
Maintenance fee
0.005$ / 10 GH/s per day
Daily ROI
Days to ROI
Test of 1-year IQ Mining Cloud Contract
Mining Power
1999 Gh/s

Reviews about IQ Mining (3)


Good day! I have been earning money in the field of cloud mining for a long time and recently I paid attention to the IQ Mining service. I was attracted and alerted by the quite high profitability of this service, so I decided to try to invest a small amount of money. So far, two months have passed and all payments are coming in time. I want to believe that this will continue and service is not SCAM!


I saw an advertisement of IQ mining on the Internet. At first, I did not believe that it was possible to earn cryptocurrencies so easily, but my friend said that he had been successfully engaged in this for 2 years.


I invested a non-critical amount of money for myself in the contract and I receive daily income from mining. In a couple of months, I hope to return investments and to make some profit!!

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Choosing Profitable Cloud Mining Service with IQ Mining Review

Cloud mining is a convenient innovative service that gives you the opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies not on your own, but on leased third-party equipment. IQ Mining is one of the flagships of this service. It was founded in 2016. IQ Cloud Mining is an innovative solution in the cryptoindustry, which includes not only a convenient function of automatic switching of mining between different digital coins, but also reduced power costs, which makes the cost of production almost 3 times less.

IQ Mining Service Review

The approach of IQ Mining to the organization of cloud mining is quite different from the usual cloud services offered to us by most virtual data centers. Here are its features:

  • IQ Mining is built on mining technology, in which the equipment independently chooses the most profitable altcoin at the moment, and constantly switches between them for maximum profit. After the end of the mining, all earnings are converted into Bitcoins.
  • The presence of convenient analytical tools including iq mining profit calculator on the site is an important factor. This will help you choose suitable contract, calculate the payback period and show the predictable profit of your investment.
  • The service has concluded beneficial smart contracts with international partners from Russia, Georgia, Canada, Iceland, China and Algeria to use their excess capacity from high-performance equipment. Wholesale prices and terms of delivery of capacities allow to extract more profit than other mining services.
  • You can invest and withdraw funds without iq mining fees to make your investment more profitable.

Is IQ Mining Legit and Profitable?

Cloud mining is one of the directions that has become very popular nowadays. Many people began to invest their money to rented mining capacities remotely. In the market there are many services that offer such an opportunity. However, some of them are fraudulent and disappear with the money of users, so you should use only proven and legit services.

This iq mining review will help to sort out in honesty and profitability of this service. First of all, the indicator of reliability of the cloud mining service is stable payments to its participants. This is one of the clear indicators that the company is not SCAM, and the longer it is on the market, the higher this confidence is. IQ mining has consistently paid customers their profits since its inception.

The company is officially registered in Scotland at the address indicated on the website, has official telephone support numbers and online support. It has been successfully working in the market for several years already and its smart contracts with international partners for using capacities are protected by legal agreements. Is iq mining legit? All these facts help make the right conclusion about it.

IQ Mining offers the following algorithms for cryptocurrency mining:

  • Scrypt – algorithm for Litecoin mining. It costs $2 for 1 MH/s for standard Bronze contract with $0.005 /1 MH/s / 24h maintenance fee.
  • SHA-256 – Bitcion miner. Its standard price is $1 for 10 GH/s with $0.005 /10 GH/s / 24h maintenance fee.
  • Ethash – Ethereum mining price is $2 for 100 KH/s without fees.
  • Equihash - Zcash mining price is $1.8 for 1H/s.
  • X11 – Dash mining price is $3 for 1 MH/s.

It should also be noted that all prices are quoted for the simplest Bronze contracts. If you buy a large capacity, you can sign a Silver or Gold contract, where the price per capacity unit is much lower, which will greatly increase your iq mining roi.


Summarizing, it can be said that IQ Mining is an interesting service that offers high-income cloud mining. You do not need to invest thousands of dollars in high-performance and expensive equipment to turn your house into a mining farm. You also do not have to pay for large utility bills for electricity. All you need to get iq mining profit is to pay in advance the known amount for the selected contract. You will receive your income one hour after the start of mining. Successful work and high profitability is the result of a well-designed business plan of the creators and the application of a new approach to mining.