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OXBTC Cloud Mining Overview

Supported Coins
Payment solutions
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
Equipment Market
Working since
Company Location

Bitcoin (SHA-256)

Mining Currency
per 1 TH/s
Predictable profit
Mining algoritm
Min. mining power
1 TH/s
Maintenance fee
Daily ROI
Days to ROI
Test contract with OXBTC and payment for 1 year
Mining Power
1.1 TH/s

Ethereum (ETHASH)

Mining Currency
per 1 MH/s
Predictable profit
Mining algoritm
Min. mining power
1 MH/s
Maintenance fee
Daily ROI
Days to ROI
No deposit
No data
Mining Power
No data
No data

Reviews about OXBTC Cloud Mining (3)

Jack Harris

As for me, I like it for many reasons. It’s a stable source of income that allows earning crypto every day. It offers a lot of discounts and bonuses so you have a lot of possibilities to get extra income. I’m really happy with my choice and can make you sure that it’s worth trying this service.


I can track statistics through my personal office at any time of day. In addition to all accrual data, I also control all my financial transactions. There was a delay with my payouts, but now it's ok.


The price for capacity is an average on the market. Website is a little bit unfinished

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OXBTC Cloud Mining Service: Advantages, Prices, Profitability

OXBTC, the cloud mining service which is the brainchild of a few investors resident in China, has been running for about three years now. Even though not much is known about the identity of these investors, available information indicates that the company has become famous for the huge discounts if offers on its products.

Advantages Of Mining With OXBTC

One of the leading advantages of using OXBTC is its affordable cloud mining prices coupled with equally low prices on its maintenance fees. Apart from this, the cloud mining service offers you the possibility to trade Hashpower. Add to this the fact that its Bitcoin deposits pay interest and you get an idea why the OXBTC ROI is considered one of the best in the market.

With regards to hardware, the OXBTC has combined together a number of cloud hashing sites. This has developed the service into a big user base. The result of this is better mining capacity through taking advantage of a bigger global mining network.

The company’s main mining hardware is located in Ordos, Sichuan, and Inner Mongolia. The OXBTC worldwide capacity is reported to be about 5.6PH/s.

Besides Bitcoin, this cloud mining service offers other altcoins such as Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Signing Up On The OXBTC Website

Just like any good modern service, signing up on the OXBTC website is easy. Go to the green button on the right-hand side corner of the site and click “Register”. This should take you to the registration page where all you’re required to do is create a username which should be between 4 and 30 characters, enter your email address, and create a password. After confirming that you agree to the OXBTC Service agreement, you’ll receive confirmation via email.

It’s important to ensure that you provide an email address you have access to as you’ll only be able to start buying Hashpower after your account has been confirmed by email.

Prices And Rates To Start Mining

Generally, OXBTC runs two primary services: Bitcoin deposit investing and a cloud mining service. Sometime last year, the service overhauled its fees which saw some changes with regards to contract charges and interest rates. The following provides a summary of the service’s pricing structure.

  • From your overall mining profit, you will pay a service fee of 5 percent, this was reduced from 10 percent last year
  • $0.099 per GH/s is the starting price for a Bitcoin cloud mining plan
  • To access a Zcash mining plan, the least amount you will pay is $1.60 per H/s
  • Litecoin mining plans start from $13 per MH/s
  • An Ethereum mining plan will set you back $16 for each MH/s

Always remember to factor in, on top of the prices quoted above, maintenance fees of $0.02 per MH/s and $0.0009 per GH/s for Bitcoin.

Generally, the fees you pay for electricity on this service are considered some of the lowest in the market because they take advantage of the fact that electricity prices in China Mainland are low. They are currently as follows;

  • $0.11035/GH/s/day
  • $0.00102/MH/s/day
  • $0.0195/MH/S/day
  • $0.35/TH/s/day

OXBTC Profitability

One of the main reasons why this cloud mining company is viewed as being one of the leading ones when it comes to ROI is the fact that Bitcoin deposits can earn 0.01% interest on a daily basis.

The OXBTC profitability is not just enhanced by the huge discounts and the interest earned, it’s also boosted by the fact that its rigs are operated from one of the biggest cryptocurrency farms in the world.

You can also take the option of putting your investment in a 30 day fixed deposit. This contract delivers returns of up to 8.5 percent per year. As you can see, this is way better than you’ll make from any fixed deposit account in most banks in the world.

OXBTC Payout Time

It’ll be glad to know that this service has no holding period when it comes to payouts. What this means is that your earnings can be withdrawn 24/7. Each transaction charges a fee of 0.0001 BTC/0.001 LTC, and there are no limits on how much you can withdraw.

BTC will be speedily transferred into your wallet when you withdraw. However, for purposes of safety, if you’re withdrawing large amounts, the transaction will need to be manually reviewed.

You’ll just need to take note of the fact that you can’t use a credit card or bank transfer when paying for the hashing service. Only litecoins or bitcoins will be accepted.

The OXBTC Referral Program

Like all other great cloud mining services, OXBTC is running a referral program. However, this program is different from others in that it doesn’t pay a fixed commission once a new client you have referred comes on board. Rather, you get 25 percent share of the profit the client makes. That’s if they do make a profit. This applies to one week.

Reason Behind Positive User Reviews

It’s understandable that OXBTC has been receiving great user reviews, with most of them hailing the interest the service pays and of course fees which are reasonably low. The service is actually so good that other reviewers suspect that it’s too good to be true.

One of the users describes it as a “Good company if you want to do multiple things under one roof.” Another also notes, “So far, so good, the interest is piling up, and there were no payout problems up to this point”, while another one wishes they supported more coins.

Based on their track record over the last 3 years, there is no reason not to believe that this is a growing service. Another feature that reviews are liking is the OXBTC profit calculator which gives you an idea of what your returns are.