Hashing24 Cloud Mining

Hashing24 Cloud Mining Review


Hashing24 Cloud Mining Overview

Supported Coins
Payment solutions
  • Bitcoin
  • VISA
  • Master Card
Equipment Market
Working since
Company Location
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Bitcoin (SHA-256)

Mining Currency
per 100 GH/s
Predictable profit
Mining algoritm
Min. mining power
100 GH/s
Maintenance fee
Daily ROI
Days to ROI
Test contract with Hashing24 and payment for 1 year
Mining Power
700 GH/s

Reviews about Hashing24 Cloud Mining (2)


I’ve invested $35, here is my calculations. The contract is for 3 years: 3*365=1095 days. I get 0.000017 btc a day in average. So, at the end of the contract I’ll have 1095*0.000017=0,018615. It’s good results for such a small amount, I’m planning to multiply my investments.


It seems that site is trusted but I think the contracts are more expensive than other companies offer

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Hashing24 Cloud Mining Service Review

The Hashing24 cloud mining service is one of the cloud mining companies which have withstood the test of time. The service is founded on one principle: to ensure that industrial cloud mining can be accessed by everyone. To accomplish this, the company provides access to not only the newest but also the most advanced technologies available in the industry.

Hashing24 cloud mining service review

The company was established in 2012. What this means is that the professionals who started this service have been gaining experience over the years. This is the knowhow they are sharing with anyone who uses the service, whether they are a novice in the game or a pro.

They promise the investor that they are always:

  • collecting information relating to the cryptocurrency mining space;
  • monitoring to identify any new technologies and making them available to their clients;
  • carefully selecting partners that have the best equipment so that you as an investor have access to the best opportunities;
  • providing warranties to all their equipment and product support to offer you a piece of mind.

The Power And Technology Of BitFury

The biggest advantage with this service is that it partners with various trusted companies in the cloud mining industry. One of them is the information technology industry leader: BitFury. This gives Hashing24 some credibility.

The association with BitFury is not just a claim by Hashing24, this fact is also mentioned on the BitFury website; meaning that it’s a legitimate claim. What this means for you is that you enjoy mining power made available by data centers located in Georgia and Iceland. These data centers have hashing power of up to 200 PH/s.

Hashing24 Cloud Mining Service Hardware

When working with this company, there is no need to concern yourself with the equipment, maintenance, and electricity outages. The service promises to take care of everything so that all you need to do is concentrate on mining. If there is any downtime, the company will pay compensate with Bitcoin, on the Hashing24 mining contract you’re on.

Available Cryptocurrencies

Hashing24 provides trading in Bitcoin on its 36-month plan which is so popular it’s not surprising to discover that it’s sold out when you want it.

Just in case you visit the website and discover that the plan is sold out, there is no need to worry as you can still buy Hashpower at the auction. This is an amazing tool for someone looking for an opportunity to trade their available hashing contracts. The service also allows you to get some new ones from the customers that already exist.

Immediately And Easy Registration

Hashing24 prides itself on the easiest and most convenient method you can ever find for mining bitcoins. To start the mining process, you’ll need:

  1. Register on Hashing24. It will not take you more than 2 minutes.
  2. Select a Hashpower. The more hashpower you choose — the more bitcoins you’ll get.
  3. Pay Hashing24 fees for your contract. You then get your order which gives you access to large BitFury mining data centers situated in Europe and your mining process starts.

Hashing24 Fees Prices And Rates

The hashing power required for each contract varies, depending on the number of mining hosts you want to subscribe to. For each host, users pay $19.95 to gain access to 100 GH/s. As a user, you can order as many hosts as you want. Added to the amount you pay for your hashing power, add for maintenance fees of $0.00033 per GH/s per day.

To pay for your hashing power, the service accepts several cards including Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard. You can also pay using Bitcoin.

There are a number of promotions currently going on at Hashing24 which allow you to take advantage of a promo code you can copy from the coupon websites and paste to your cart when you check out from the Hashing24 website.

Hashing24 Profitability ROI And Payoff

The reason why the service has come to be trusted by many investors is the fact that it has withstood the test of time in a market where fly by night companies come and go almost on a daily basis.

Even though the Hashing24 ROI calculator is just for information purposes, it can still give you an idea of how much profit you can expect to make. However, some cryptocurrency websites have played around with figures of up to 166 percent per year.

Withdrawals On A Daily Basis

Your payouts will be credited to your account every day. The Bitcoin balance from the previous trading day is credited to your account automatically at 24-hour intervals. You have a chance to either withdraw your balance to your wallet or use the Withdraw feature on your account.

Hashing24 Works With Partners

Hashing24 encourages partners to join the service. In order for a company to become a partner, it will need to have mining capacities of more than 10 PH/s. Apart from this, the company needs to show evidence that it has long-term contracts with data centers, otherwise, it must prove that it operates its own. It’s also important for partners to indicate that they can guarantee stability when it comes to paying customers and also offer compensation when there is downtime.

Users’ Reviews About Hashing24

It’s easy for a company to say how good its service is, however, the best people to confirm this are those who’ve used the service. Here is some of Hashing24 reviews 2018:

  • One reviewer says, “The service looks good and earning as well. Reinvestment option was added a couple of days ago.”
  • Another reviewer answers those who keep asking if this service is legitimate by saying “Hashing24 is another legit website. They actually own mining equipment and offer real services for cloud mining.”
  • One more reviewer admits that after doubting a bit, he “went ahead and tried it out and while it may take a little while to get a point of breaking even with the investment cost, I feel it’s going in the right direction.”