HashFlare Profit Calculator: How to Predict the Revenue?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as a modern way of making money. Some are calling them the new age universal currency and using it as a form of investment. There is a vast array of Bitcoin sites to pick from, unfortunately not all are trustworthy but HashFlare can guarantee you a warm welcome for the first timers and a smooth sailing experience thereafter.

Is HashFlare Cloud Mining Profitable?

What is HashFlare?

HashFlare is among the leading cloud mining service that has been in the market for slightly over 3 years. The crypto mining HashCoins team is the brain behind this system. Our aim is to ensure age, experience, investment or experience levels of our users is not a hindrance to their mining experience as well as experience the HashFlare profitability. All purchases are automatically paid out in either ethereum or bitcoins.

HashFlare Earnings

To start earning all you need to do is select a cloud that suits your needs. The following are the clouds that are available to our clients.

Litecoin Cloud Mining

  • Scrypt algorithm miner,
  • Maintenance and electricity fee of 0.005$/ 1MH/s /24h,
  • 1-year contract,
  • BTC automatic pay-out,
  • Stock is limited.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

  • SHA-256 Algorithm Miner,
  • Maintenance and electricity fee of 0.0035$/ 10GH/s /24h,
  • 1-year contract,
  • BTC automatic pay-out,
  • Stock is limited.

Ethereum Cloud Mining

  • Ethash algorithm miner,
  • Maintenance and electricity fee is missing,
  • 1-year contract,
  • ETH automatic pay-out,
  • Stock is limited.

Zcash Cloud Mining

  • Equihash Algorithm Miner,
  • Maintenance and electricity fee is missing,
  • ZEC automatic pay-out,
  • 1-year contract,
  • Out of stock.

Dash Cloud Mining

  • X11 Algorithm Miner,
  • Maintenance and electricity fee is missing,
  • 1-year contract,
  • Dash automatic pay-out.

HashFlare ROI Calculator

There are plenty of ways to profit from mining of bitcoins. This involves high upfront investment of the hardware used for mining. Is HashFlare profitable? Like any worthy investment there is a risk involved but the risk here is moderate therefore one needs to conduct a thorough research before committing to it. TH/S (trillion hashes per second) is the measure of power used by modern hardware.

HashFlare profit calculator can help you predict your return on investment. Profit is calculated by deducting expenses from income. Income is derived from the daily payout rates of which their size is dependent on the hash rate. You will need to set all the power values to 0. Thereafter deduct the HashFlare maintenance fee added to the electricity fee. Note that the Ethash and Equihash contracts have no fee. The answer you derive is your estimated ROI.

Factors Affecting Profit

Price of electricity is a major factor. It is favourable to mine when the rate of electricity is low as it will significantly make mining cheaper. For instance, mining in U.S.A and China is favourable as these countries have lower import duties and cheaper power costs.

Cold climate also influences the success of your mining process. You need to replace your heating systems with mining hardware to guarantee you rake in profits during cold seasons. The coin value directly affects the rewards the miner will receive. One needs to ensure mining when the coins value is high.

Other factors include price of Bitcoin as well as your cost of electricity. The greatest factor being Bitcoin demand and supply as the price increases when there is a high demand and low supply.

Trading in cryptocurrencies is a great way to start investing. It’s the best market to be involved in as it is not controlled by governments but by the rise and fall of the demand and supply curve.